World Population day: A Report
Anand Krishnan | 12 Jul 2009

"Abnormal Increase in Population ,Poverty & illiteracy a big drawback for future World Progress "

Rough India population :1,147,995,904+. World — Population:6,706,993,152+ July 2008 Sixty percent of the world's illiterate children are female.
On “ 11 july we observe World Population day” these is one of the biggest problem in India and world because in future their will be no proper natural air we get , today in India for Water scarcity is a big problem , Agriculture sector going Red Indicator, Today water in future Air will be the biggest problem in world , over Vehicals, industries , no proper drainage , congested areas with over croud , these all are a very serious matter and above all is illiteracy in girl education ? Today one side world going on infrastructure , and another side Girls education is going down and down , today Boy & Girls are equal in status without any doubt , girls are more intelligent than boys then why the govt should not give them compulsory education upto 12th free , because girls can make future better than boys these is not a compare for boys and girls, Govt must boost girls future.
One side Political parties persons wasting money for their personal matters cr and cr Rs are spended in temple donation, statues, and other activities but they have no proper direction or have a positive thinking that if they spend that money for a day meal to poor person because today in world and in India still THERE ARE MANY POOR FAMILIES WHO EVEN NOT GETTING A ONE TIME FOOD TO EAT THESE IS A TRUE STORY OF INDIA AND WORLD, Lets join hand hand ( Citizen of India and Merinews team ) for making a better future and restrict Population growth campaign throught world and make every girl child to be a educated personality, Every thing is possible only UNITY IS NEEDED”Because it’s a  fact and a real thoughts that today “ PEOPLE ARE PLAYING WITH NATURE & NOW NATURE IS PLAYING WITH PEOPLE”cutting trees and making houses and buildings more and more , population growth growing with out any control these must be ban,Vehicals Population is another big headache every were “NO PARKING Boards are seen ” Over crouded in roads make hourly Jam,who is responsible ?  WE SHOULD FIRST MAKE DICIPLENE IN HOUSE THEN IN SOCIETY, THEN IN STATE, COUNTRY AND ABOVE ALL FOR WORLD , Make Green atmosphere , grow plants and trees so that correct rain and correct weather we will get in future , RESTRICT POPULATION , MAKE WORLD GREEN , EQUAL RANK FOR GIRLS IN EDUCATON AND ALL OTHER FACILITIES WHICH BOYS GETS, MAINTAIN POPULATION BECAUSE THESE IS A BIG DRAWBACK FOR FUTURE PROGRESS…….. We must observe daly world Population then only it will be affective  for progress .