World UFO Day celebrated by sky gazers and enthusiasts
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 03 Jul 2015

World UFO Day was observed by the enthusiasts to create across the world to create awareness among people to watch the skies for unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and report about them. Most people celebrate the day on July 2 while some others on June 24.

The event on July 2 commemorates the much talked about probable UFO crash in the 1947 called the Roswell UFO Incident. Hough, some governments have files on the UFO sighting but have not been declassify yet.

However, on this day many viewers visit the World UFO Day website to update their information on UFOs. The website puts up the latest updates about everything that is linked to July 2 and the UFOs.

UFOs are generally classified as anomalies that are completely unidentified. According the website, the UFO is something that's apparent in the sky that is not identifiable as any known object or natural phenomena. Popularly, UFOs are also known as the flying saucers or flying discs.

The website also informs that in today's digital age, it is very easy to submit false UFO evidence through camera tricks and editing with photo software. Also, with too many balloons, drones and other technological devices hovering around, this is also getting more difficult.

Recently, NASA had released footage of a mysterious bright object streaking across Earth just after midnight that moved at very high speed. The oject has been termed the UFO since it's identity could not be established. The sighted object broke into pieces after some time. It has ascertained that it was not a meteor as that move much faster.

However, the UFO-watchers had also got excited  NASA's live footage  of showing images of satellite  were downloaded and  posted   by someone on the internet under the title 'UFOs, Angels or Biological Creatures Seen Leaving the Earth?' which created a huge sensation recently.