Worried about the structural stability of your building?
TR. Madhavan | 02 Feb 2015

The annual 'R&D Showcase' at IIIT-Hyderabad has a fascinating line-up of useful innovations

Worried about the structural stability of your building? Just install the web application for building damage assessment and you will know the degree of damage, if any. It is as simple as checking the heartbeat of a person. Using high precision vibration sensors, it is also possible to find out safety of structures in the seismic zones.

Pulkit Velan, a final-year student of the Earthquake Engineering Research Centre at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad, has designed this unique instrument that tells all about the health of buildings.

There is this machine that helps in virtual rehabilitation of patients who suffer a paralytic stroke. Even as they exercise, they can play games on a monitor.

"It lessens their boredom and takes away their mind from pain," says Abhishek Aggarwal, a third-year ECE student who designed the machine. What's more, the machine stores data about the quantum of exercise undergone and the movement of limbs.

How about navigating your way using AR Drone, or carrying on a robotic exploration? This device, which is equipped with onboard sensors and cameras, flies to a height of 50 metres. It avoids obstacles on its own and can be operated using a joystick. Visahak Duggal, Bipen and Vignesh Prasad have produced this strange gizmo.

These are among the 300-odd baffling appliances that are on display at the 'R&D Showcase 2015' that opened at the IIIT here on Saturday. A wide range of research activities in agriculture, building sciences, education, bioinformatics, spatial informatics and e-governance are being exhibited in the two-day annual fair.