Would the vote make Delhi a world class capital?
Prativa Rathi | 09 Feb 2015

Dawn broke over the city as one of the historic day for Delhiites as it appeared to be voting day for electing capitals chief minister. Enormous crowd turned up to vote early at 8 am and it remained a perpetual process for the remaining day.

Both the omnipotent parties BJP and AAP thanked the voters for having the individual parties voted. Despite of a strict patrolling and intervention of police all over the city over the supply of liquor and money there had been some issue raised on the voting day.

Kejriwal  AAP's chief ministerial candidate was accused of bribing the voters luring them with liquor money and narcotics. An amount summing up to 40 lakh, 53,395 litres of liquor valuing Rs 1.26 crore and narcotics worth Rs 74lakh has been confiscated on the historic day of the city. While on the other hand Bedi confidently accused Kejriwal for having tactics laid on voter .However Kejriwal an astute ministerial candidate denied it proclaiming it as a rumour.

Seemingly there had been war of words among the bilateral as Kiran happened to tweet how votes were bought by an unethical pa

On an account of the voting day how should Delhiites raise a hope of conviction on either of the party who shall be the forthcoming ruler of the city. Would Delhi be a ''world class capital" as said,''Bedi?  Or will it be still heading towards crime and would be profusely known as rape city of the country?