XAT 2012: Take mock test, revise important areas & relax: CL Expert on XAT 2012
MBAUniverse | 07 Jan 2012

MBAUniverse.com conducted Live Expert Chat on the topic 'Last minute tips to XAT 2012' on Thursday, January 5, 2012. The expert for the chat was Saumya Jain, Academic Head, Career Launcher.

THE COUNTDOWN to XAT 2012 is coming to an end. Come Sunday, January 8, 2012, you will face the first MBA entrance exam of the year, which is considered to be the toughest nut to crack. To help ease your anxiety, MBAUniverse.com conducted Live Expert Chat on the topic ‘Last minute tips to XAT 2012’ on Thursday, January 5, 2012. The expert for the chat was Saumya Jain, Academic Head, Career Launcher.

The Chat received questions on last minute preparation strategy to time management and exam taking strategy.

Read the excerpts of the Live Expert Chat to know what the expert had suggested:

Q: Rahul: I have heard that XAT Quant section is tougher than CAT. What can I do in the next two days?

The key is to select questions carefully. There are a couple of easier questions that you should select and do in the XAT exam. In the next two days revise fundamentals.

Q: Vinit: I only attempt 12 to 14 questions in Quant section, which may be right but XAT pattern is different as I have not taken coaching and mocks? I only solve last two year question of XAT and had a poor show. What should I do now?

The good thing is that in XAT, QA and DI come in one section. So even if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot solve a lot of QA questions, you can always try to solve some familiar DI sets. In the next two days -Revise fundamentals in QA and solve the rest of the past year papers.

Q: Anubhav Tyagi: As I go through the mocks found the verbal section to be unpredictable specially the English usage questions from Para completion, incorrect/correct sentences, Para jumbles etc. So what will be the strategy right now?

The VA section in XAT in primarily logic based. So revise Critical reasoning and Para jumbles. Solve all past year papers.

Q: Satish: I have done B.Sc. in Mathematics. My overall preparation is going well, but one doubt in my mind as I am not so sharp in English speaking and other advance activities, please suggest.

If you are worried about the Interview and your English speaking skills, then please do not worry. All you need is the ability to put your idea across. In the interview they give more importance to your thought process than to your communication skills.

Q: Satish: What should I do for essay writing section?

Please go through the past year XAT essay topics for practice. Although XAT does not follow any specific pattern in selecting essay topics, there is some merit in practicing past year topics. Also try and practice writing short and concrete replies to these topics as the space and time given in XAT is small. Be aware of the basics of essay writing like - Divide essay into paragraphs, do not use informal language etc.

Q: Keerthy: If we do not attempt the essay section, can we manage by attempting other sections if we make 100 per cent correct attempts?

Essay writing test is conducted after your OMR sheets are taken away. The duration is 20 minutes. This test is separate from the Objective type test and these two tests are individually timed. So if you are asking me that if time of essay can be allocated to the objective test, the answer is NO.

Q: Anamika: XAT exam is one of the toughest to and essential time management is needed to crack the exam. How much time should be devoted for particular section during exam? What will be a good number of attempts?

It is important that you do not end up with a skewed sectional score. So devote equal time to each section. 'A good attempt' will depend on the differential marking/progressive marking and the level of difficulty of this paper.

Q: Nithin Kode: I am a B.Com Graduate preparing for XAT for last 1 year. I'm always struggling to clear the XAT Quant section Cutoff in Mock Exams.

Focus on areas that you are good at in Quant. Do not linger on questions and attempt as many as you can. The key is to select easier questions and to get them correct.

Q: Nithin Kode: Any tip for the last two days?

Do not stress yourself much. Just take few mock tests, revise fundamentals and relax.