Yaishwaryaj Seva Sansthan extends thanks to Anna Hazare : Starts Anti Corruption Mobile Helpline
Ram Prakash | 02 Sep 2011

The program included launch of anti-corruption helpline, discussions, patriotic cultural activities by children and distribution of sweets to the gathering and to the children of nearby slum.

Yaishwaryaj Seva Sansthan extended vote of thanks to Anna Hazare and his team over the success of the Jan Lokpal movement. Lucknow based NGO celebrated the day with a formal launch of Anti Corruption Mobile Helpline on 28thAugust  in a program held at its  Camp Office in Rajajipuram. The Program was attended by the office bearers & members of the NGO along with hundreds of local folks.
In the beginning of the program Little RTI prodigy Aishwarya Sharma Inaugurated the Anti-corruption mobile helpline number 9455553838.
Explaining about the helpline ,Urvashi Sharma, Secretary of Yaishwaryaj said “ the helpline shall operate in Hindi language from 10 AM to 5 PM everyday.Any person , victimized by the corrupt system can seek expert opinion free of charge simply by making a call to this  Mobile helpline.”
Urvashi told that she had sent an e-mail to Anna Hazare & his team in the night of 20th August .The said mail read “Its not that only MPs/Ministers at Centre are Pro-Corruption . M.L.A.s / Ministers of State governments are even more corrupt . More or less , all politicians are corrupt irrespective of the party ,  they are with right now  . With so many defections and changeovers like monkey-jumps ,no one is able to identify as to who started from where and passed through which passage. We are seeing the present only . As such there is no ideology of today’s politicians. So, The need is to direct a movement  against all M.P.s and M.L.A.s  of all constituencies . As citizen of  India it is our dharma to first question ourselves  and then to  all our leaders and hold them to high ethical standards. We cannot have high benchmarks of accountability for politicians, and no benchmarks for ourselves. So instead of sitting on dharnas against the central government , we should mobilize the people first to practice high ethical standards for themselves from the day one and then shift their focus against the M.P. of their constituency not only to mount pressure on him to support the required Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament but also to practice high ethical standards in all his future ventures. There should be an open demand that the fast shall not be broken until n unless there is a written commitment from the respective M.P. that he shall not only support the required Jan Lokpal Bill in Parliament but also practice high ethical standards in all his future ventures. Yes , anti defection law,party whip etc. etc. are there . We know many a cases where M.P.s have gone against party whip , have defected their parties for their own selfish motive so this time why can’t they do this for the people of their own constituency. After all they are in Parliament because of them ( The people ) . If they do it once this time , maybe they shall be in parliament forever. ”
She further added that acting on the email sent by Yaishwaryaj , Anna Hazare, widened the agitation on 21st August, directly confronting Members of Parliament and Union Ministers . Acting on  Anna's appeal, people in all parts of India held demonstrations in front of their respective MPs' houses in favour of a strong anti-corruption Lokpal Bill.
Speaking on the occasion senior citizen Ram  Autar Rastogi said that it reminded him of the feeling of 15th August  1947. Urvashi Sharma , Babita Singh, Vishnu Dutt, Badam Singh, Premi Sagar, Ram Autar, Ram Prakash, Usha and all others present in the program thanked Anna and his team for leading a such a disciplined mass movement.
On this occasion, Anjali, Twinkle, Nidhi , Madhu, Priyanka, Prachi, Rohan & Abhishek expressed their patriotic feelings through singing and dancing .
At the end of the program sweets were distributed to all and to the poor children of a nearby slum also.