Yes This ,Yes This & Kalyug was born !
Aumaparna | 08 Jan 2007

Truth is very bitter - thus I am stating some sugar coated bitter truths - also called Parables....

And asked the voice: So? Do you agree that in order to lead a happy and peaceful life, we all have to adhere to certain rules and regulations – as said by all the great seers, saints, leaders from Moses to Confucius to Socrates- otherwise it would be an impossible task to bring peace and the Rama Rajya that you all are looking forward to?
Therefore,in order to have a healthy lifestyle make your entire surrounding healthy! Everything should be health, wholesome and sound based on logic– raised on wisdom i.e. the information and knowledge that we have accumulated all these year…eons rather! Thus society building needs the following:
  1. No sex out of wed lock (for if someone can use a thing without buying it – he’ll never buy the thing – he’ll never understand its value – sounds like a crude example – but then its for those people who think that sex without wedlock is a done thing!).
  2. Parents have to take the total responsibility of their children – unlike careless blokes who produce a child and leave it in the hands of some servant and go off to their respective schedules – the child being there just for namesake!
  3. Introduction of the essence of truth, moral and cultural values in the schools and if the need arises – the parents will also be called in schools and given an understanding on what the teachers teach and the fact the it should not be contradicted at home. A level of 100% understanding between teachers and parents- and their full co-operation!
That seems to be an excellent idea!
Voice (now agitated by Many): Hey listen! What the hell do you want eh!? That some parents should mandatory-ly produce Item girls so that even at the age of 65 plus, drunkards will find their place to Dance Bars and watch the semi – nude damsels going up a down a wet pole !? Is that what you want?..Should I lock this option!?
Many : Yes this, Yes this.