Yet Another Animated Way to say 'SAVE THE GIRL CHILD'!
Tarun Juneja | 01 Dec 2011

'The Unknown World' is a 2D animated film that brings out the unknown world of a girl child in a mother's womb which we are unaware of. It is shown how the cruelty of 'Abortion' not only destroys the girl child but the world itself.

ANIMATED FIL MS in India might not have made much impact on the Box Office, but the animated shorts made on social messages have defintely won millions of hearts worldwide. Talented Animators who have always thought innovatively to bring subjects for the welfare of the sociey where its about saving our planet or stopping Female Feoticide. Animations on such subjects have won much global acclaim and made our Country Proud.
In order to continue this phenomenon, Talented Animator Varun Mehta, Age 25 from Aligarh City of India has directed a 3 minute animated short 'The Unknown World' which is based on the cruel practice of Female Feoticide, is now ready to feature in festivals. 'The Unknown World' depicts an imaginary world of a Girl Child in a Mother's Womb which we are unaware of. The Unknown World where a girl child plays, dances and carries the excitement to see a New World Soon is destroyed by the cruel ity of 'Abortion'. Varun Mehta says that it's the concept that works than anything else. It speaks a million words in just 3 minutes because it has the right emotions.
Varun Mehta recently won several awards for his 3D Animated Short 'Save Trees' which is based on defforestation. Recently He was honored at International Short Film Festival of India (ISFFI 2011) held at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.