Yoga is the art of living : Swami Chaturanandjee Maharaj

"Yoga is the art of living.The God is one and He is everywhere. Human body is the temple of God.It's a natural temple.We should keep it clean by protecting us from five great sins like adultery,theft,drug addiction,violence and lie as told by the great Indian saint Maharishi Menhin Paramhansjee Maharaj the founder acharya of All India Santmat Satsang ,Kuppaghat, Bhagalpur (Bihar).The cycle of birth and death is the greatest human grief in the world. Practice meditation daily under the guidance of real and true spiritual teacher is essential for the freedom from the cycle of birth and death."said present acharya of All India Santmat Satsang,Maharishi Menhin Ashram,Kuppa Ghat Bhagalpur (Bihar) on the occasion of the 29 Patna District Santmat Satsang from 27 to 28 December at North TV Tow

He also appealed the disciples of Maharishi Menhin to practice meditation daily for happy and successful life.

"All people are unhappy in this world due to the darklness of imgorance..Read your spiritual books daily under the guidance your spiritual teacher.Try to see a twinkling star in your heart.King and begger both are victims of grief and sorrow."said Swami Vedanandjee Maharaj in this two days annual Satsang program in Patna.

Swami Yoganandjee Maharaj,Swami Prakshanandjee Maharaj and other senior disciples of the organization delivered their spiritual discourses in this two days Gyan Yagya for global peace in Patna.

The main stage of the program was decorated with marigold flowers and the pictures of Lord Rama,Lord Krishna, Kabirdas,Tulsidas,Surdas,Baba Devi Sahab,Tulsi Sahab,Tukaram, Meerabai,Guru Nanak, Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans,Maharishi Menhin. This banner was giving the message to respect all saints for communal harmony in the world.Despite cold wave about 2000 dedicated disciples from different districts of Bihar participated in this program.They also enjoyed vegetarian lunch with their families.Vote of thanks was delivered by Prof Gopal Yadav.