Young politicians
TribhuMRatta | 11 Jun 2009

will they live to expectations..... Does seem doubtful? Let us wait and watch or...i

Young parliament – full of energy, morals to take India to the top of the world. :::::::The young Brigade has youth….. from which background, legacy or talent…….everyone is awaiting with bated breath whether they will come up to the expectations when the crunch hour arrives.:

Now a glimpse: Rahul Gandhi or Sachin pilot or Jytirmoy Scindia or daughter of Sangma or son of Kurunanidhi or son or this and that past politicians are the only youngest faces for Indian politics? Are they qualified for those posts? What do they know about poverty? What do they know about governance? Just getting a degree from western country does not make someone eligible!! It is still dynasty rule while we still call it world’s largest democracy. Shame on Indian politicians, no wonder what happens to India they don’t want to lose grip on power whatever it may happen; before they expire they will make sure their heir is already waiting in queue to get his seat. Shabaash India ...but at the end they may be little better then criminal politicians who get there to that seat!! I guess Mughals were little better; it was at least one dynasty but these dynasties from all the states has their pie share in the running of India which will finish not only the left over for others so no matter how educated or intelligent we voters get what we deserve ..these politicians are not gandhiji,nehruji,azadji, patelji ; our politician are crorepatis,greedy ,sucking the blood of the people of India and are addicted to that by their genes so Obviously they are continuing their generation by keeping the hold on politics. Have a glimpse of another hypothetical but a scene that happens every day:

Didi, have you come to make news out of our misery? Want to know our names? Please write down, my name is Hunger and this daughter of mine, who lost her father at 5, is called Thirst.

Having lived without proper food and drinking water for days, thousands of displaced people in the area are seething with discontent. And they are sick of politicians and journalists.

While they blame the former for capitalising on their plight to gain political mileage, they are tired of giving interviews to the media.

"You want to take our photographs, eh? Why don't you get us something to eat and drink instead?" thunders the woman, clad in a colourless sari torn in at least 10 places.