Your family loves you always

These days in every newspaper, the common news is about suicides among teenagers. Education has become a burden as we saw in the latest movie 3 idiots. Not only education but our personal life is also full of stress

 THIS TIME I would like draw attention to our feeling of loneliness, stress and the tendency to commit suicide.
A few days ago I thought of committing suicide due to my work and some personal tension. It was a very hopeless time for me. I wasn’t able to see anything around me; only thing I could see was darkness. But I failed to do so.

I also met a psychiatrist and shared my problem and I felt very light but still I was in stress. It did not work. On that same evening I was going through the Bible. The first verse that came first in front of me was “your body is a temple of the lord, if you try to harm it; this means you are insulting the lord…” I was shocked, about what I did that day! I was in guilt.
Next day the news of my committing suicide was seen by my father. He said nothing. The only thing I saw was tears in his eyes… those tears killed me. Every drop of tear was spreading acid in my veins… my guilt is killing me, why did I do it…….
I made my father cry…
The reason is to share this is for those people, who feel alone.
In our life, difficulties come but they will also go. But our small mistakes can spoil our family and our loyalty. Suicide is not a solution to any problem. It is not the end. Maybe because of your small mistake your family will suffer.

And I know you all love your family, so I want to appeal to all of you, do not let your hopes die.
”Let the difficulty know, you are difficult!”