YSRCP accuses TDP govt. cheating farmers on loan waiver
Narendra Ch | 11 Dec 2014

YSR Congress Party has accused the Telugu Desam Party government in Andhra Pradesh that it has been cheating the farmers in the name of loan waiver and resorting to cheap gimmicks and publicity tricks on the issue and said the Party is ready for an open debate on the issue.

Party Farmers' Cell Convenor MVS Nagi Reddy lamented that the publicity being doled out that TDP has fulfilled its promise on loan waiver is misleading and a total fallacy as there is not a single farmer whose loan is totally waived and we have a case study on the method of deception being adopted by the State. 

He said that the blatant lies of the State are exposed at Tirupati during a meeting when a person claimed that he has mango crop and his loan was waived by the TDP government. Another farmer said that he has 7 acres of land which yields sugarcane, mangoes and paddy and his loan of 1.5 lakh is waived.

"While TDP has deleted horticulture from loan waiver list the two persons telling at the meeting that their loans are waived shows the shallowness of the State and the cheap publicity tricks. There is unseen deception in the scale of finance and no farmer will be free from debt in the coming five years as the State said that the waiver will be staggered in nature", he added.

As a case study, he said that his party has taken a cooperative society in Krishna district which has 1,013 valid farmers but the list has been shrunk drastically on some pretext or the other. The State interpreting that gold loan will not be considered is unfair as it is not ornaments but a single wedding chain that was mortgaged by farmers which carries a lot of sentiment.

He deplored that farmers are being cheated by the State on one hand and it is going on a massive publicity spree that it is the champion of the farmers' cause while the truth is otherwise. He challenged that his party is prepared for an open debate on the issue and reiterate that not there is no total loan waiver for a single farmer in the state.

Stating that TDP ministers are speaking in an irresponsible tone on the issue, he said that though YSR criticized NTR when the latter was alive, he did not utter a single word after the death of TDP founder president which shows his political wisdom and maturity. The detractors of YSR should know that agriculture has sprung to life after YSR took over from Chandrababu Naidu who has ruined the farming sector during his nine year term, he added.