YSRCP demands probe into TDP-McKinsey tie up
Narendra Ch | 12 Jan 2015

The GO issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh on Friday mentioning the global consultancy firm McKinsey & Company will play a vital role in guiding the high level committee on capital formation and will also help in the final drafting of the CREDA Bill, including the socio-economic planning is leading to many suspecions on the governance of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

This has given clear indications that the Company will have a say in all matters of governance.

Chandrababu Naidu who boasted that Andhra Pradesh will be a gateway to development has seeming to be turned it into a hunting ground for MNCs. His earlier nine-year regime in the united Andhra Pradesh, as Chief Minister he was known of adopting a  policy of being submissive to World Bank.

Demanding a judicial inquiry into the Government bringing in a foreign company to oversee the governance of the State, YSR Congress accused that Chandrababu Naidu is back to his old ways of singing to the tune of World Bank and showing extra-territorial loyalty. Party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma lamented that the GO issued by the TDP Government has given the entire State on a platter to McKinsey & Company allowing its interference in the governance and also in guiding the CRDA Bill which is move that belittles the State Assembly and the people.

She lamented that this is nothing short of insulting the parliamentary democracy and putting the State assembly, elected representatives and the people to shame by surrendering before an external agency on the issue of governance, more so the vital issue of capital formation.

"We cannot tolerate one foreign company to dictate terms to us and we demand the inquiry to bring out the full details of the deal. It was the very same McKinsey & Company that prepared the Vision Document 2020 for Chandrababu Naidu who pursued the World Bank dictates and carried out anti-people policies", she added.

She feared that the same situation will replete but this time it would be more dangerous as the capital formation is a sensitive issue and the future of farmers is at stake. It is understood that the Company was given over 40 assignments and all facts should be covered in the inquiry.

She deplored that external forces have already taken over the governance and representatives from Singapore have been on the prowl in the fields of Thulluru late in the night which shows that the State Government has a secret agenda.

"Or else, she asked why the team from Singapore visit the proposed capital area should secretly and said the inquiry should cover all the areas where external dealings are involved.

Meanwhile, Magalagiri MLA Alla Raakrishna Reddy in a separate press conference said that the document the State is giving to the farmers for land is faulty. It has no mention of the crucial details. The land acquisition is against the norms of the Central Act.

The state is promising to give 1,000 yards of residential and 200 yards of commercial land in lieu of 1 acre of land to the farmers but the note does not mention where the land will be given. Will it be in the 122 sq km of the capital region in the 768 km of the peripheries or elsewhere is not mentioned.

The State telling that the mode of distribution will be on lottery basis works to the disadvantage of the farmers who are being coaxed to sign the document and part with their precious land, he said adding that the State should be very categorical about the settlement to avoid confusion and litigation.

Farmers have every right to go to court and a person can challenge legislation even, he said. Taking objection to the DGP Ramulu's remarks making light of the arson incident in the fields, he felt an officer of such high cadre should not be giving such statements.