YSRCP tells TDP to refrain from invoking LA Act
Narendra Ch | 27 Feb 2015

Sternly opposing the proposal of TDP government to invoke the Land Acquisition Act to take away fertile land from farmers, YSR Congress has said that it will stand by the affected people and agitate against the state decision.

Party MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy deplored that at a time when the BJP itself is reviewing the amendments to the Act after it faced flak from a united opposition, TDP announcing that it will invoke the Land Acquisition Act is draconian as there are many loopholes in it and farmers, farm hands and tenant farmers will be badly affected. 

He said that sensing the public ire, the BJP government went into defence and has appointed an eight-member committee to go into the proposed amendments while TDP government stating that it will go ahead with the land acquisition is meaningless.

He lamented that Chandrababu Naidu announcing an enhanced package to the farmers of five villages of Mangalagiri has no meaning as it is the farmers of Thulluru who are opposing the land acquisition and the 30 odd farmers who came to Hyderabad do not represent the mood of the people. Over five lakh people, including farmers, farm hands, and tenant farmers are opposing the move.

"About 15,000 acres of government land is available in my constituency and whatever land is acquired so far is enough, the State should desist from grabbing land from farmers using the Act and commercializing the capital formation", he added.

He warned that his party would oppose the move tooth and nail.  He accused that after meeting the farmers Chandrababu Naidu along with Singapore minister had addressed the media and it was very clear that Singapore government is not taking up any venture in the capital formation but it is only private parties that are after the mega venture.

He alleged that the State at no point of time did consider the situation of tenant farmers and farm hands. The package should take their livelihood into account as well, he said adding that the Party will take up the cause of farmers in a big way if the Land Acquisition Act is invoked without arriving at a consensus of all political parties and stake holders, he added.