YSRCP to boycott assembly, no-trust motion against Speaker
Narendra Ch | 19 Mar 2015

Ridiculing the way in which the Assembly proceedings are being conducted, leader of opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that they will move a no confidence motion against the Speaker and boycott rest of session but will attend only when called to discuss the no-trust motion.

He said it is very shocking and unprecedented that Speaker directly gets involved in a debate and passes a dictum to refrain the Leader of Opposition from talking on a particular subject. He alleged speaker has been behaving like a TDP worker and not in a manner that would uphold the dignity of the Chair.


"We take strong objection to the Speaker's remarks and move a no-confidence motion against him. We will also boycott rest of the session as the house is not being run on the lines of parliamentary democracy," he added.


He deplored that whenever, he rise to speak, there are intense interruptions by at least four members from the treasury benches who level baseless allegations and try to provoke the opposition to create pandemonium as the ruling party is scared that the actual facts figures are being exposed by us putting the Government in a tight spot.


Of the four days earmarked for debate on the budget, he it is hardly one day that is given and when he was putting forward the facts and figures on loan waiver, amidst heavy interruptions, the Speaker disconnects the mike and says that "You should not speak on that subject".  He accused that this is blot on democracy and speaker behaved like a TDP worker and not like an impartial Speaker.


Meanwhile, Jaganmoahn Reddy along with his party MLAs met the Governor ESL Narasimhan and apprised him of the way the assembly proceedings were conducted and made it clear that when the voice of opposition is gagged, there is no room to vent the viewpoint, we have no choice but to move a no confidence motion.


They complained that YSR Congress Party MLAs, who rushed to the podium to protest the Speaker denying mike, were suspended when they were drawing the attention of Chair. In such a situation, he said they have no hope that there would be a level playfield in the House hence we have decided to boycott rest of the session.


He said they will attend the House on the day the no-confidence motion is taken up.  He showed the video clipping of his speech in the Assembly, which veered round the loan waiver scheme and the election promises of Chandrababu Naidu and Speaker disconnecting the mike, after which YSRCP MLAs rushed to the podium demanding mike to their leader.


He alleged that TDP MLAs are selectively giving video footage to media. They are only showing clippings where we are in an agitating mood, or the treasury benches are leveling baseless allegations against us. This discrimination should stop, he said and demanded that the both sides of the coin should be shown prominently.


Giving a minute by minute detail of his speech and the number of interruptions, he said, democracy cannot function in such a hostile atmosphere. He said he will use the media to put forward my views as the Government is bent upon interrupting my speech with the fear that the facts and figures on its failures will rip open, including loan waiver and employment to youth, he said.


He alleged that the budget session which was supposed to be for 40 days has been curtailed to 17 days and the treasury benches have a single-point agenda of disrupting the proceedings; whenever they feel the heat of being found wanting on various issues.  In such a situation there is no point in attending the assembly, it is better if they conduct the proceedings all by themselves as YSRCP, with 67 MLAs, is the only opposition party in the House", he added.