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Bigest 'Shiv-Ling-Pashupatinath'of world.
Mahendra Dixit
31 October 2006, Tuesday
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Mandsaur-- The biggest ' Shiv-Ling of the world is suituated in Mandsaur Madhya-Pradesh of India know-ness 'Pashupati-Nath' Tample.It is on the river shivana .The 'Shiv-Ling' of  gray colour stone of  about hight is 195 cms and in weight 175 quantals.

It gives the apperence of --childhood--young---youth  and  old age or  as 'Dharma--Arth--Kam--Mokhs.
It gives the apearence of  ' Satyuga--Treta-yuga ,Dwapar-yuga, and Kali-yuga.
It  is only the 'Shive-Ling ' in the world of this size and width.


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Title: Bigest 'Shiv-Ling-Pashupatinath'of world.
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raj:    19 December 2008
Hello Mahendra, I am interested to visit this Pashupati-Nath Temple, thanks for the info. If possible would you please mail me the details how to go to this palce. Thanks, Chandan
Chandan BAndyopadhyay:    08 November 2006
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Bigest 'Shiv-Ling-Pashupatinath'of world.
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