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Rachita's comment on Trusting Dravid, Charu was a mistake: Mallya

I feel immensely sorry for Dravid because he of all people command more respect than what Mallya has given him. Mallya might be pained because he's invested quite a lot, but he can only blame himself. Those who look to blame others are cowards. Mallya, from the first defeat itself, has been breathing down Dravid's back; it's only now everything becoming more clear. Mallya makes himself to be some great tragic hero. I don't know what Mallya is trying to achieve my making such comments and then ending it by saying he hopes Dravid does his best with the team he has. It obviously has insulting undertones. Mallya may be known for hisservice and hospitality and will whisk Katrina Kaif to the match in his private jet, but he feels no need to extend any such kindness towards a selfless character like Dravid. It's quite magnimous on Dravid's part that he hasn't aired his views in public. He even accepts Mallya's ridiculing comments. In the midst of the controversies in IPL, it's so refreshing to see a person like Dravid maintaining a dignified silence. Now foreigners like Kallis, Boucher, Steyn know firsthand all the pressure Dravid has to deal with. It's not surprising they are backing him. It's things like this that determine your character and this episode has only increased many peoples's respect for Dravid. Mallya maybe you should learn from Bollywood. Preity Zinta has offered complete support to her team even during the Bhaji incident. SRK, too, said it would be an insult to a great player like Ganguly to go and ask questions about his form. I can guarentee both wouldn't have heaped such a humilation to Dravid had they been the owners of the team. These are tough times for Dravid, but I hope he knows that this will come to pass and he will always have the support of his fans. And that is of more value than anything from a cheap character like Mallya.
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