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SUNEET's comment on Trusting Dravid, Charu was a mistake: Mallya

I don't know If anyone can criticize mallya coz actually he is not running the national team here. He has bought the team with his own money, Big money at that. So why should anyone complain. He is any ways not trying to do social service here. And dravid is a sweetheart and does not deserve it but he has himself to blame, he knows he is a misfit in this format. Well he wanted the money so it was his decision. Yes the team is a total test team.....god only knows what dravid was trying to prove........a 5 year old would have picked a better team than this for T20. What was he thinking.....Well personally I don't want dravid to go thru all this, he should resign.......but will he be ready to give up the money is anybody's guess.........
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