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Nina's comment on Trusting Dravid, Charu was a mistake: Mallya

First off all, Mallya bought this team on his own. Dravid never asked to be the icon player or the captain. So why is Mallya pinning the whole thing on him? Mallya is continuing to fan the flames rather than help the team. Buying American cheerleaders and Katrina Kaif is not how you show support to the team. He and his officials need to stop ridiculing Dravid like this. It's a game for pete's sake. It's not some fool-proof investment. Anything can happen in cricket and Mallya should have been aware of this. People who take it upon themselves to buy a team should know the risks involved and ought be genuine supporters of the game not just use it as an advertising outlet. Second, why is everyone saying Dravid wouldn't quit? He actually offered to quit before Mallya's outburst and at that time Mallya and his official chided him that it would be negative publicity for Mallya. Dravid resigned from captaincy on his own. He is open to batting anywhere in the batting order for his team. He is selfless and would be willing to resign, but everyone will just say Dravid is running away from responsibility and abandoning his team. Nobody thinks about that. Money is definitely not what is keeping him from leaving. He has a young son to take care off and life outside of cricket. And lastly, everyone is forgetting the real reason why RC have been losing. It is not so much the matter of a "test" team but the simple fact that no local players have made any mark in IPL. Previously-unknown talents like Abhishek Nayar, Ashok Dinda, Trivedi, Saha, Asnodkar have shown they are as good as a foreign investment in their respective teams. Meanwhile in RC, Bharat Chipli, Vinay Kumar, J Arunkumar, B Akhil, Devraj Patel have all done nothing in the matches they've played. Rather than contributing, they have been involved in many needless runouts which just about cost us the match in the end. Running between the wickets is something that is taught at the root level, not something Dravid should be teaching them at this stage. No is mentioning them. They're young and IPL is essentially about them coming to the fore. This only shows that after Dravid and Uthappa, nobody from Karnataka will be making the Indian team for some years. They have been the biggest letdown and this is also what is ailing Deccan Chargers as well. Gilchrists and Misbahs can perform all they want but they need help from the youngsters. Only Dravid knows all of this bitter truths. People who have never played in a team sport ought to refrain from making comments about Dravid's commitment and intelligence. RCB needs to scout for better local talent rather than throwing Dravid out in the cold. Both SRK and Preity Zinta have come out and said what is happening to Dravid is unfortunate and that he deserves support from his own quarters. Ganguly and Yuvraj have also sympathised with Dravid. Mallya has no reason to wage a public battle against Dravid. He can speak to him in private. Dravid is a mentally-tough cricketer and thrives in crunch situation, but he and his team cannot be blamed for buckling under the immense pressure put forth by their owner.
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