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pritis C majumdar's comment on Get set go…

pritis C majumdar's comment on Get set go…
Communalism and Communal By pritis C majumdar In Indian politics, the words ’’COMMUNALISM and COMMUNAL ’’ are being used now and then to cow down opponent party, particularly during election of Assembly and Parliament. They interpret the word COMMUNAL as Riot between two religious groups, especially between Hindu and Muslim. To those political parties, the message of Communalism is to indulge in generating hatred between Hindu and Muslim and thereby causing loss of lives and properties of both Hindus and Muslims. But, the question is --- is it really so? Does the word ’’ Communal ’’ mean Riot between Hindu and Muslim? I am very eager to know what linguistic Pandits may say, but I can say that the word ’’ Communal ’’ or ’’ Communalism ’’ never indicates so, if we agree to accept the meaning of ’’ Communal ’’ or ’’ Communalism ’’ from the Dictionaries of the world. Let us see what Dictionaries say : 1. The CASSELL CONCISE DICTIONERY, published from Cassell, Wellington House, 125 Strand, London, 1997 edition, page 292, under the word ’’ Commune ’’, ’’ Communal ’’ means : a. i) for common use or benefit; shared. ii) Of or relating to a commune. iii) Of or relating to the Paris Commune. iv) Of or relating to the community. v) Between different communities. Communalism n. i) the theory of government by communes of towns and districts. ii) the theory or practice of living in communes. 2. COLLINS PAPER-BACK THESAURUS, published by Harper Collins Publishers, Glasgow U.K latest reprint 1997, page 109, says the meaning of ’’Communal ’’ : a. collective, communistic, community, general, joint, neighborhood, public, shared. 3. Bengali to English Dictionary by Samsad, Kolkata means Communal: Sectarian. It is thus undoubtedly clear that COMMUNAL or COMMUNALISM can never be interpreted as Riot between Hindu and Muslim. It means two different groups of people having different opinions on particular issue or principle or concept or religion or political belief etc. It may also mean the disputes between the two sections of people in respect of cast, race etc. In political party like Marxist in India, particularly in West Bengal - does not have the concept of Co-existence with the group of people having other than Mrxism or Mrxist and thus always fights to increase the number of Mrxists, even at the cost of life and property by intimidation and killings. Lenin, Stalin of Russia, Mao Tse Tung of China and others like Saddam Hussein of Iraq killed millions of people having the opinion or idealism other than Mrxism and also people against them. This may be called in real sense ’’ TALIBANISM ’’ or FUNDAMENTALISM ’’. This concept or dogma can not tolerate other people of different idealism or different political views. That is why we observe number of killings daily ( as reported in news papers ) , with intimidation to life by the left parties in Government of West Bengal in different ways like Trade Union rivalry, Students Union rivalry, Panchayet in villages and districts. The process of reducing the number of supporters and members of other than left parties has been going on throughout the years by the cadres of left parties aiming ultimately to win the General Election of Assembly and Parliament. This is done involving all anti - social elements, murderers, smugglers, promoters, ill - motivated business persons and other self - interested people. The left political leaders thus confidently are wining all elections in West Bengal for the last five general elections. The civil servants are also following the same path from fear of various harassments in their service life by their Minister bosses and also party bosses from district to block level in addition to MPs and MLAs.. Now, the situation has come to a such critical point that High Courts’ Orders are not implemented and openly the government agency defy the same. Is it a civilized democratic state? In a civilized democratic state no political party can win all five general elections with huge margin consecutively, unless they use their physical and mental coercion on voters and supporters of other parties. In West Bengal, initially, say about 26 /27 years ago MINIBUS was started with only sitting facility and thus higher fare was charged. This lasted maximum one or two years. After that silently sitting facility was lifted and minibus started to take crowds of people like ordinary bus . But, interestingly, the higher fare remains as it was till to-day. This had been going on cheating public by the left government crores of rupees daily for about last 30 years. Nobody can protest for fear from intimidation at gun-point by the party cadres and under the full support from Ministers and government also. A civilized and transparent government could make the minibus-fare equal to ordinary bus-fare; the moment facility for sitting was lifted. An order from government to convert all the minibus into full size ordinary bus could be implemented for the interest of millions of commuters of the state. This is also an example out of many Talibanisms or fundamentalisms in ruling the state. The banning one of the books of Taslima Nasreen by the West Bengal Government is nothing but an example of communalism / Talibanism / Fundamentalism If any person, leader, or political party or any Government of India follows the social concepts of about 82% people of India and respects the principle of co-existence with the remaining 12% + 6% other people of the country, can it be called COMMUNALISM ? If a traceable % of people of our country following an imported -ism (Marxism) which is totally not related to our Indianism and also our country’s development, calls them (followers of social concepts of 82% people) Communal, is it not a Hypocrisy of those Marxists or leftists? Time has come now for the people of our country and also MEDIA PEOPLE to think and rethink who are COMMUNALS and what is COMMUNALISM in the present political and social circumstances of India.
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