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Nick's comment on It’s time we banned the VHP

Nick's comment on It’s time we banned the VHP
Sir Dhananjay, you have written quite interesting article and spect time as well. I am sorry I donot have that much time and no body is paying me to do so as well, so cannot write a long note. In short, you are both right and wrong as well. Yes there are some communal elements among the Hindus, agreed, what percentage, may be less then 0.1 pct, I beleieve you will agree to that, because if it was any more than that then situation would have been different. On the other hand, it leave it to you to estimate the communal elements in the so called minority communities. One question, why do we have these riots in areas where so called minorities form more than 15 pct pockets? If the Hindus were so communal then why donot we have riots in places where other communities form small percentages, would not it be easier there? I have traveled in most part of the world and know very well how minorities live there, if India was same there would not be any issues. By the way, half the trouble has been caused by your so called secular Congress and rest half by people like you.
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I think Nick you have misunderstood my article i am not against any religion. I have no disagreement with the fact that there is a very small section which is communal in Hindu religion, but my dear friend if it is there they are not going to do any good to our society and country and hence, they should not be allowed to spread hate in the society. I do not understand your point that Minority should know how to live in India. It is not a good gesture all those who are the citizen of India they are equal and no discrimination should take place between them. We have seen how Hitler made a code of conduct for the Jews and history proved how wrong and cruel Hitler was. VHP is not doing any good to the Hindu religion they are only bringing a bad name to it and should be banned that what my argument is. As far as Muslim communalism concerned it is equally bad and should be dealt strongly. I believe in 'No to Communalism'
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