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micele's comment on Doomsayers link Iran quake to 'Big Bang'

If the whole action is not dangerous,why it is placed underground the french alpes???? Maybe the LHC can be used as deadly weapon too. Not sure if they know what they are doing.
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If you want to know more about what they are doing why not clue yourself up by doing a bit of research like on wiki for instance. There IS a good reason it is underground - the circle of the LHC must be as perfect as we can make it and it needs as constant a gravity field as possible. As it is under a mountain there aren't any large changes in the local gravity field (and YES this IS crucial if yo want to obtain data that means anything). Plus it being under a mountain ought reassure people about harmful radiation/explosions, but that really is a side issue - there is nothing that can blow up apart from the power relays
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