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prj's comment on Doomsayers link Iran quake to 'Big Bang'

The so called 'journalist' who wrote this article is a complete and utter dolt. They have the name wrong, what the machine does is wrong and the notion that it could even remotely cause a small vibration anywhere is digustingly absurd. I hope this so called 'journalist' loses their job for spewing utter crap like this.
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Nitpicking? So, you consider telling the truth and having the actual facts and actual information "nitpicking"? This is the reason I suggested you lose your job, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO IT. The very fact that you even hint toward any possibility that these lunatics are remotely right is illogical and asinine in its own. The point of doing research for an article is that you dont spew lies and actually know what youre talking about, which is a major point youve most obviously missed.
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If you go through the article carefully, you will find the words like 'may be', probably, possibly' . Journalists do not create story, they make reports based upon the information received from sources. This article is also not an exception. By the way, please don't think for the tenure of my job. Stop nitpicking.
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