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Indian's comment on It’s time we banned the VHP

Indian's comment on It’s time we banned the VHP
Attack on christians is not only in india, its all over that world. In china, japan, korea, srilanka, pakistan, Africa. You christians should understand why one will attack your and your religion?. Just think in name of development you people trying to whipe out a contry culture, tradition and its own religion. Why christians always spread a hate message to rest of non-christians?. Only christians printing bible and distrbuting to non-christians and forcing them to read, did and other religion do that?. Once a man keep faith in christians religion he has no rights to go hindu temple, islam darga or sikh temples then what benifits were given will be taken back and curse on them, what a pity but its the truth. This shows you how much respect have with non-christians. Go turn back and see history how blood was flowed like river in europe, america and africa in name of christ. Same thing is repeating in india too. All natives in europe, america and africa were cruelly killed, scared and force full converted to christians. Now only one old religion is remaining that too they want to whipe out and take control of it. One day will come when their is no hindu, hindu temple and his culture italian pope will come and host the indian flage and a foreign will rule again then the people of india will realize the truth that why we fought for freedom and now again we should start a freedom fight. That time will be a shame to india, is this you christians want. Please leave hindus alone we can take care of ourself.
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