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john's comment on Raj Thackeray fixation robbing nationalists of empathy

What in the world makes u say anything in favour of Raj Thakerey? I've had friends in mumbai (from delhi) running for cover when the problems erupted against north indians in mumbai. The reason why Raj thakrey did not go for visits was more of a strategic move and not that his conscience told him to do so else he would have had to face the questions on marathi spirit. People were right to ask about him in the face of attacks. His blood donation campaign was nothing more than a political stunt, the best way he could show his concern for marathis. What regional quotas are you talking of??Mumbai is not the Mumbai of INdependent INDIA because of these so called local maharashtrians. Every business Running from MUMBAI/NEW DELHI/CHENNAI/KOLKOTTA eats on resources from every other part of INDIA, and with tht every INDIAN has the right become a part of MUMBAI/NEW DELHI/CHENNAI/KOLKOTTA. Opportunities for Maharashtrians are no lessand there is no bias against them, its just tht people Raj thakrey/Any other politician in INDIA work towards their vested interests and he gets supporters like you.He maynot be harmful for his constituency but as a whole he distorts and harms the idea of INDIA, just like every other politician in INDIA does.
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@John dats ur point of view mate...... but fact is(my point of view)Raj Thakeray is one of the best leaders Maharashtra cud get infact shud get. i dont agree with his tactics ofcource but he is EXACTLY wat Maharashtra requires.not some idiotic stunt masters in name of Politicians
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