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Rajesh's comment on Raj Thackeray fixation robbing nationalists of empathy

You dont know what Raj Thackeray was doing coz our Hindi Channels are suppressing those news & Raj is also not speaking to Hindi/English Channels due to their systematic vilification) This is what Raj Thackeray & his party MNS was doing during attacks: 1. When Congress was putting up banners for martys with more space for their office bearers on the banner, Raj Thackeray personally visited Karkare & Salaskar families WITHOUT any show-off 2. Got MNS to donate blood at JJ & GT hospitals (First ones to donate blood while others played political blame game) 3. Provided snacks to police & bystanders at Nariman house during action. 4. Maintained up-to-date list of dead people in CST & other rail stations. This was an important source for relatives (though written in just chalk) Finally Raj Thackeray is not an army commando, he is a political leader. He is already fighting Laloo & Mulayam who are pumping migrants in immense nos. into Mumbai & Maharashtra, then getting them registered as voters & thereby bringing their UP-Bihar brand of politics into Maharashtra. Only 3 political leaders were on the street during attacks: 1. Narendra Modi: Criticized as cheap for visiting Mumbai 2. Raj: Media lied he was hiding then criticized for not visiting .. heh 3 R R Patil: Criticized for saying I kept a Ganesh idol with me during outdoor visits. ITS REALLY IDIOTIC TO USE RAJ THAKERAY'S NAME IN THE LIST OF MINISTERS AS HE IS NOT A MINISTER. HE IS A LOCAL LEADER FIGHTING FOR HIS PEOPLE'S RIGHT IN THEIR OWN STATE.
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