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soni's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

soni's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
i 2 m ashamed of myself dat till 2day i was ignorant of d same...n i fully agree dat der r many thousands who r nt aware dat hindi is nt our national language....i think its time dat v hv a national language n no doubt it shud b hindi as max ppl knw dis language....apart fm maharashtra i think no other state is so liberal dat v almost converse n learn d commmon language all ppl wen u go 2 other states it so diif 2 evn hv a little conversation...specially some sothern states...cmon sumthing
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its the situation in any diverse place. Best thing to do is to buy a small book which has simple translations to the local language and make conversation :) since you will be a visitor to the other state why dont you learn the local language before you go there? Would you not learn French phrases before going to Paris or spanish phrases before going to spain?
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