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Sagar Ghatge's comment on Raj Thackeray fixation robbing nationalists of empathy

No Maharashtrian should respond to any of these bloggers here. I guess they do understand what the issue is but they are pretending that they haven't clearly understood the issue so that they can portray Raj Thackeray the way they want and create a vague, ambiguous picture which only makes things worse. Writing blogs is good but only if it reaches the one who understands the stand of Raj, MNS & the Marathi Manoos. CHORACHYA ULTYA BOMBA mhantat te hech. Aapanach aaplya gharat gunegar hovun basaloy. Jyanna TARK(logic) kalat nahi, tyanna 'TICH BHASHA' kalate. And people still wonder ki ka yevadhi loka Raj yanchya atake veli rastyavar aali. History and facts can't be challenged. And if challenged it ricochets. Mazhya Marathi bandhavanno, ek shevati lakshyat theva-Marathi bhasha geli tar aapli Dynaneshwari anhi Tukaram Gatha kon vachanaar. Ti vacha, tumhala kuthalech dusare tadvadnyan vachnyachi garaj bhasnaar nahi. Shivrayanchi athavan theva. Yalach Maharashtra Dharma mhantat. Jai Shivaji. Jai Maharashtra.
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