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Mudassir's comment on Is media punishing Varun Gandhi for imaginary crime?

I really wonder how a Young Leader like Varun Gandhi is using the platform of Communalism to make political career. Varun should take lessons from young leaders Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot. Varun don't spoil ur political career by playing the card of Hindutva, which could not help u and ur party as well. First become a true Indian, I think ur still weak in this front......
3 Replies u really feel from your heart what you are saying??? or simply u have become scapegoat in media's hand. And how did u judge that Rahul Gandhi is national icon/youth icon..just because he is handsome and soft spoken doesnot mean he is an icon..There are many more handsome and soft spoken people who also enjoys a thinking brain in their head are out there struggling to make a mark..Rahul has not asked more than 5 question in his entire tenure as MP and even the stupid questions he asked was highlighted by media like any thing..what about the other MP from Arunachal Pradesh, a BJP MP, equally educated, mild and serious thinker who asked more than 100 valid and genuine question in the process of his learning, why he was not highlighted..just because he doesn't have the princely privilege..wake my dear is the congress who has divided the people by their appeasement policy...wake up Mudassir..u need to play the equally important role in bringing this fact in front of the nation...if you want this country to prosper..just give a thought on these lines and understand what i wanted to convey for the Congress
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Oh Yes, Rahul Gandhi, who takes britishers on poverty tourism around India, who in turn slap India on its face when they get chance. May be India wants one more Gandhi from the side who have given in India terrorism in Punjab, terrorism in Kashmir and also did not spare a friendly country Sri Lanka (They gifted them LTTE!!) May be we will never learn.....
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i agree with you. you are right - 100%. it seems he has learnt his hate lessons from Islamic terrorists accross the border & some how managed to reverse its teachings.
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