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praveen sinha's comment on Is media punishing Varun Gandhi for imaginary crime?

English rule the indian by divide n rule policy. Mr Varun Gandhi is doing same dividing the people on basis of religion... Great shame that people like Varun n BJP leaders n Raj thackery still doign same as the english.. English people divide n rule the india , same here now some indian divide n try to rule india What is the difference between the english n these people. Still these peole get so much support.. 300yrs an still we havent learnt our lessons, still fighting ur own people on religion ,region n caste........... C'mon be a little wise Please ensure thse people never be able to win electionsss.. Dont get folled by their tacticss of gaining popularity n famee.... Wake up frndsss it more than enoughh -- 300 yrssn goingg........ Stop it
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Praveen, your thoughts are laudable and looked educated but the author of this article clearly hinted about possible framing of Varun which looks quite possible..The congress men are more shrewd and cunning that what meets to the eyes.
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