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somsubhra's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

somsubhra's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
many of you are right that the hindi language is having a lots of similarity with the most of the north indian languages. but the fact remain same that the imposing hindi as a national language will hamper the socio-cultural envirionment and as well as there present education system. you can not impose forcefully a language on others who wants to speck a different language. if a single language is to be established throughout the country for communication, then why hindi?? why not english??(now cmon don tell me its becoz its a foraign language....i know ur kids will also go to english medium school !). say, I beleave my language is enriched in litarature, and the culture i belong to, i want to study my languge and my culture, if another languge is forced upon me then it will be much difficult for me. the language and the culture is very much intertwined....these things cant be forced upon.....those who are voicing for hindi, i wonder if they will support the same concept, if the proposed national language would have been tamil, bengali or someting else.....
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