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barath's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

barath's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
India has 22 different language. Some of them spoken by large majority of people and some of the by less number of people. It is Indian government's duty to promote every language spoken not to a particular language. It very very bad idea to announce Hindi as National language. Official status is ok. During those indepenance time, Indian politics is dominated by north Indians. They knew only Hindi is India and India is Hindi. That is why the were trying to pass that bill in the parliament to give hindi a national language status. But there was a strong opposition from south. Evantually the bill failed in the parliament. But still some north India states believ Hindi as a national language. My question is since Hinduism is followed by majority indians, so can we have Hindu as a national religion? Since roti is eaten by majority Indians, can we have roti as a national food? while other delecious food like dosa, vada are arond in the south.
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