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ABCD's comment on Reactor-less Arihant, engineless Tejas, gleeful Hawks

Indian defence is a multi million business and even the US,UK and all others have their agents like this one who are trying their best to close down all Indian developments. They don't accept an Indian gun as it can fire only up to 17m and import foreign guns which can fire up to 21m. They always believe that the enemy is always at 21m in the war!!!!. They don't see under their feet as in the case of Kargil. They only see 21m as this is what a foreigner offers. Our politicians also does not understnd the basics of defence economics. If we pay 5000 croe to buy some thing, another 20,000 crore is required to maintain it. All these business goes to foreigners. If we make this in India, the same money generates job opportunites for 25,000 croes and the money is distributed in India itself. But for this, we need to have patriotism and the basic commitment not sell ourself.
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