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baweja's comment on Reactor-less Arihant, engineless Tejas, gleeful Hawks

natteri's absolutely right. my uncle who worked as a colonel in the drdo and on the lca project was the first to admit it was a monumental waste of money and a colossal failure, the thing is far from airworthy and has only sunk money and kept some people warm. there's no need to be blinded by patriotism - ull never improve that way.
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Ha ha....there is no post liek colonel in DRDO. It is civlian defence organisation.....u a ISI in disguise
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Depends on what your end goals are. Is the end goal producing an aircraft or is it to get the aircraft industry started so we can produce better aircraft (and not have to rely on foreign countries for them) in future. In order to run, one must learn to walk and crawl first.
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