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Bharath's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

Bharath's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
Good Work ..!! Yeah, I too got to know this just some few months back... Anyways, majority of fellow Indians ( not Hindians) dont know this very importatnt vital fact and keep educating younger generation in a wrong way .. I love India and I want to see the same "Unity in diversity" in all future too. Another important thing that I want to tell is that India in very first place should not have classified states wrt to Languages and Geographies. Simple staright lines and curves wud have been much solution to recent days problems as in Maharashtra(Me Marathi ) , Karnataka-Tamil Nadu issue wrt Cauvery river , Guj-Maharashtra wrt Dam/River issue and many more ..!!
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I cant believe people are even talking about wars over language, these ppl shud learn humanism ,,, my friends war needs no words just swords,,, You know,,, all the fights here that we are having about our so called national language is also in English,, ppl who are talking about national language are talking in good English,, what is more imp is we all understand each other ,, i hate when group of ppl talk in their own language and the 1 who do not understand feels bad about it ,, at that point any of you will be proud about having 19 national languages where you cant even understand each other ... and you tell Americans we are proud about having communication gap....?? in social gatherings which language you prefer ?? and which language you end up speaking , think about it .... its impossible to expect that all ppl will master 19 languages ,,, and imagine we all end up speaking poor language ,, whichever it is , and then we can never master our communication ,,,, u know what we all should choose?? we deserve to use sign language ,, coz i guess i am talking to all dumb and deafs ,, i am not proud of any of you here ,, and i prefer being anonymous coz u will race your minds to guess if i am south Indian or North Indian :-(
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