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Saurabh Jain's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

Saurabh Jain's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
It was indeed a very informative article and I googled this topic after reading the MNS news. Though everything has its own pros and cons but if the issues could have been handled by our ex-ministers then we would have seen a more synchronised country. Had it not been Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel's effort and his toughness, we would not have been living in India. We would rather have been living in either the Mysore Country or may be Hyderabad Country or may be Madras Country. But had he been given a politically free hand to deal with all the issues, we would have seen "A Better India". A Nation means a nation, it does not mean Marathis, Biharis, Kannadis, Tamilians or Mallus. It was meant to be Indians but seeing the state even the soul of Sardar will be weeping that why he left the task in between. And it is actually what is being taught to the generations coming ahead. The regional biases, religional biases, cultural biases and what not. People do talk about Developed Countries like America, Singapore, UK, France and wonder that why they cannot become like them or when they will become like them. But have these people really did a "manthan" that why they become developed countries so fast. I guess the answer lies in oneness, removing barriers whether internal or external, working towards only one goal - betterment of society. People might argue with certain instances that this has happened wrong but what I am saying is that atleast there is an effort. Are we lacking that effort?
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Are you saying its ok to force people to speak hindi? Should Sardar's work be downgraded to the cause justifying Hindi?
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