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Bharati's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

Bharati's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
Sanskrit, Yes. English, Yes. Your Mothertongue, Yes. Hindi, What for? Do not worry about common language, religion, race, uniforms etc. This is not their nation. this is our nation. We love it and we shall preserve it as a plural nation. If your mother tongue is hindi, speak it. But please do not think that it needs to be forced on others.
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I agree, except the part dealing with Sanskrit. I propose: Mother tongue as the first language; English as the second language, and a language of a neighbouring state as the third language. This, rather than Sanskrit will foster a better understanding among people of neighbouring states. Apart from that, what is really needed, is an amendment to Article 343 of the constitution of India, to give equal status to all languages in India and repealing Article 351, which encourages the central government to spread Hindi. It would be wonderful (and empowering too) if all Indian citizens were able to conduct their legal and economic affairs in a language of their personal choice.
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