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Sri Lankan's comment on The West loses its plot in Sri Lanka as Rajapaksa wins

This is a good article for the Sri Lankans living abroad for many years and criticise the Rajapaksha Regime. They are not aware of the political turmoil in the country but just say Rajapaksha's are ripping the countries economy and stuff in their purses. If so that has to be stopped but the country should not vote for a mad military leader who is controlled by losers. The first is Ranil, then LTTE and the foreign so called democratic powers, JVP(eternally awaiting and causing calmity in the island). As you say they were not in love with SF but they were looking forward to defeat MR. All of them learnt a good lesson from Srilankan voters but still SF and JVP cant beleive it and they are crying for the milk spilt. I wish hope the President will look forward to chase the corrupts away and handle the government machinery to develop the country as they claim not Rajapaksha family alone. Already he managed to change the minds of the public to "be Sri Lankan" within past few years in the office. Let it be "Buy Sri Lankan, make them in Sri Lanka and to look for local first". Thank you!
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