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Medil's comment on The West loses its plot in Sri Lanka as Rajapaksa wins

Hasaka, I tried to post a comment. For some reason it did not allow. So I write them below. Publish properly if you can. Yes, people have chosen the better one out of two given. It is a huge mandate. Vote rigging and computer manipulation allegations are nothing but crap. The question is why did people prefered Mahinda? Why so much? Was it because Mahinda was perfect? No. They knew the government was not perfect. In fact they hated corrupted ministers in the government, they hated Dr. Mervin who has animal instinct, they were disapointed that they did not get any relief of the cost of living. Still they did vote for Mahinda. Why? First of all they wanted to be grateful to Mahinda for liberating the country. Second of all they were really scared of Sarath Fonseka. They knew something was fishy when out of the blue Fonseka revealed that he would contest the presidential election and bunch of evil forces were there to back him. Ok. Now Mahinda Rajapaksha has been given a huge mandate by people, specially from the South. Is it an open cheque? No. Mahinda should think deeply what the aspiration of the people who voted for him are. He should not keep animals like Mervin in the government. He should stop corruption in the country. He should bring sustainable peace to the country. He should not waste time on taking revenge from the political oponents who were just vanquished. Journalists should not be harrased. People did not want to see the post election dramas unfolding on the stage right now. If there was a real conspiracy that should be duly investigated and culprits should be punished. No problem in doing that. On the other hand Mahinda should pay attention to the political solution to the ethnic issue or whatever the issue somebody can call it. A few times during the election campaign he mentioned that he has a solution in his mind. He should come up with his political solution with no delay. If there is a leader who can win the hearts of Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims, it's only Mahinda. I hope he will bring sustainable peace to the nation.
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