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Max Flight's comment on Utopian Antony irked by Doubting Thomases of India's 'Tejas'

Finally, something that sounds like more like the truth than what others want to admit! OK, sure, the article contains a lot of editorial comment. But, look at the state of Tejas and Kavari. You can't ignore what you see. Oh, I guess the other comments suggest I'm wrong in that regard.
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Before, doubting about the achievement of Tejas, I recommend you to read something about it, plenty of which are available in the net & how it has added a new dimension to military aviation. you might be amazed to know that technologies developed during the R&D of Tejas has been used successfully in other fighters like SU-30mki, MIG-21, MiG-27 & Jaguar. Even off-set of Kaveri is being used for marine engine. Turbine engine is a very complex technology, the know-how still remains with only few nations, not even Chines could develop it, inspite of spending years on it. Initially Tejas was meant for point defense role, as a replacement for MIG-21. But due to versatility of the design it was made into a true multi role fighter aircraft. Due to frequent change in GSQR, penalty was paid in terms of Time & weight increase. Kaveri has been successfully tested in Russia recently. But due to wt. increase of Tejas it cannot be fit in it, which again happened due to the change in the role LCA has to play. Kaveri is not a failure, it is an under performer. The writer says LCA to be flying coffin, but I say it has been tested for more than 1300 times, but no accidents (touchwood). Very less fighter aircraft in the recent time has this safety record during the testing period. Imagine what would have happened if any of the flight testing would had resulted in crash. These type of Press Reporters would had made the development come to a halt. Our Defence Minister is a very sensible man & he knows that LCA would bring a history in military aviation. Future would remember him for taking the right decision at right time.
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