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MD's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

I don't live in India, and trust me! I go through so much trouble over here, just because I don't converse in Hindi. My Dad is Tamilian, and Mum a Mangalorean, so how and why am I meant to know Hindi? People insult me a fair bit because of this, and I thank you Rishabh for trying and spreading the word that Hindi is not our national language. I try to explain to people that there is more to being Indian than just knowing Hindi. I was raised in Bangalore, where almost everyone including autrorickshaw drivers speak English, let alone Kannada and Hindi. To be more specific, I hear comments made by people from Delhi, and not so much from Bengal and Gujarat. Why is it that some people are just not proud of the fact that the countless number of languages we have is what makes our country so wonderful. We should learn to appreciate this diversity, and not fight over it. Not speaking the Hindi language has caused me a great deal of problems, when it comes to making friends with people from North India and Pakistan. Of course, the learnedl lot do not judge you based on whether you speak a particular language or not, but then the ignoramus consider me a total outcast.
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