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Karthik Janakiraman's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?

Karthik Janakiraman's comment on Hindi: Our National Language?
It is politically unviable to make Hindi a national language even though the number of Hindi speakers *seems* to increase every year. National language or not, for all practical reasons, its good to put the chauvinism aside and learn/use Hindi as It works even as far as Ladakh and the North-East. After all, Hindi is one of our own. Linguistic chauvinism can be wiped out of this land if and only if our people start learning Hindi and other regional languages with half the, if not the same, zeal they have for learning English! Aside that, I think it is sheer arrogance on the part of those that avoid learning a regional language and try to get by with Hindi or English, esp. if one lives in a non-Hindi speaking region for more than 2 years. As a non-Kannada speaker living in Bangalore for over a decade, I sense an appreciative nod every time I converse in Kannada with a native speaker of that language, however rusty it might sound. Fact is, speaking the same language creates an emotional connection between the speaker and listener which makes communication a lot more effective. I think its time we avoided linguistic jingoism like the plague and made an attempt to learn at least two more regional languages that benefit us and the nation as a whole.
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Your thoughts are very true, language always binds people. I wish govt India stops using so much of tax payers money to promote Hindi. The amount used to spread hindi is more than wht is used for primary health!! Its not worth it..
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