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Biswadip Majumdar's comment on Book Review: I Too Had A Love Story

Biswadip Majumdar's comment on Book Review: I Too Had A Love Story
I have not read this book. But, I love this book. And this is the only memory now I have with me about her. She was reading the book in train for continuously 2 days. In between she was starring at me. I don't know her name. Only thing I know, yes she is the one. I tried to start talking with her. But, something stopped me. She took the first initiative to talk. She did only two requests to me. 1) Could you please give me the mobile (It was ringing and plugged into charging)? 2) Excuse Me. Could you please help me opening the bottle? I dont think, I can meet her again in my entire life. She is just lost. But, will try to find her using full of my intelligence and luck. My guess is: her hometown is in Kolkata. I don't know where. And she may be studying in Pune. She has a spects. And she has an HCL Laptop. She has a wheatish complexion. Around 5'2" Height. Short Hair. Beautiful eyes. Her voice was like someone is calling me to get into a dream. I am so stupid. The train stopped at Howrah Station. She was standing with her luggage on the platform. May be waiting for her Parents. I don't know. But, she was looking at me. I could not say a goodbye even. My Journey Details:- ================== Name: Biswadip Majumdar. Date of Journey: 14th July, 2012. Sit Number: CONFIRM B9/ 0038/ UB Train No. & Name: 12221/HOWRAH DURONTO # PNR No: 8303572309 From: PUNE JN(PUNE) To: HOWRAH JN(HWH) =================== I Was in right upper barth of the compartment. And she was in Side upper birth in the next compartment. Kind of diagonally facing at me. I can't stop thinking about her. It is giving me pain each moment. WHy the damn I did not talk. She took the initiative and I could not take any. Your Book is Awesome Ravindar. She loves it. So, as I. I will read it. At least I will go through the same mental phase she had gone through. THanks for a great book. Ba bye. See, I too had a love story.
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