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V Mohan's comment on Farmers in Vidarbha region desperately need security cover

A couple of points need to be added to the above to help the distress farmers of Vidarbha - insurance agencies can also device products apporpriate to help the farming community in India and this should be popularised. One of the products could be if the cultivated product could not be sold due various reasons primarily being low realisation due to sluggish demand, automatically insurance scheme benefits can be availabled which should be sufficient to make the family of the farmer feel comfortable. Experts need to opine how much will be the premium, who will pay the premium and so on. Government can make a beginning by bearing the premium cost for some time till this scheme becomes a success. Schemes like Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Scheme (MNREGS) should get a priority in such regions to enable people to get some guaranteed jobs if they are not doing any worthwhile at present. If found feasible, after debating these issues, should be implemented.
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