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Dr. Seshadri Kumar's comment on Can Rahul Gandhi break the very structure that took him to the top?

These are weak excuses for Rahul Gandhi. I'm sorry, if you had 9 years of access to the highest levers of power in the Government, and still did nothing to change things, don't complain about it in your "acceptance speech." As an active MP and the son of the most powerful person in the country, RG has complete influence in any kind of change he wanted to make in the last 9 years. So his complaints at the Chintan Shivir are NOT an Obama-type revelation, but an admission of failure. Why should we give him time? He is not new to power. He may have only gotten the official title now, but he has been in power since 2004. And the verdict is: he has failed to deliver. On all the counts he complained about in his speech. He has also been a disaster as a politician and a campaigner for his party - Bihar, UP, Gujarat - the list goes on. Let's call this for what it really is: a desperate attempt by a scandal-weakened UPA government to bring new life into the party and save it in the 2014 elections. But a leopard cannot change his spots. Rahul G is no spring chicken. He is an MP with 9 years experience and the son of the most powerful person in India. I doubt that he can change the fortunes of the Congress. I have written a humorous article that talks about the way he was promoted.
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