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Jharna Goswami's comment on Can Rahul Gandhi break the very structure that took him to the top?

You have been very very kind to Rahul - surprising. I thought you were an RSS supporter. But anyway, the arena of politics wont be a rosebed for Rahul and to answer your question Digvijay, Shinde and Sibal are just worthless - they cant do anything to help Rahul. If they keep shut (which again they cant do) - it itself will be a big help to Rahul.
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Dear Jharna, being a RSS supporter, I should be scrupulously objective when analysing issues that affect the nation as a writer. You probably have missed the sceptism I have about his ability to break out of the structure that has brought him to this pre-eminent position. I have cast serious aspersions on his understanding and taking clear stand on economic and political issues. He has recently talked of positive politics but has let Shinde speak through his hat and not reprimanded him. It shows his inability to walk the talk.
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Only a RSS person can be fair in his judgment. That is the strength of RSS.
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