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Akhilesh Yadav's comment on 543 MPs a gross injustice to democracy; PR system needed more than ever

I thought you would say - 543 MPs is just too much. But you say we need more people? Isn't it already a crowd of mismanaged brains? Forget the number of MPs, look at the number of political parties we have. You want more to open up and a bigger money laundering happen when it comes to forming a government at central? I rwould say - we should decrease the number of political parties, empower communities and create a legislative structure based on two party system
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Exactly Akhilesh. You are right. It is our present electoral system that has led to the proliferation of political parties in India. If you look at the PR system countries there is a compulsion that they come together as coalitions and that reduces the proliferation of parties. Moreover they have got the threshold to check the multiplication of parties in the Parliament. More members gives proportional representation but without the anomalies of corruption, wastage of votes, minority governments claiming to be majority, dynastic rule, family rule etc.
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