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Alok Tirpathi's comment on Sarabjit Singh 'rests in peace' leaving India restless

This whole story just shows how media can manipulate peoples emotions and arouse fake emotions. Sarabjit is not the first Indian to die in a foreign jail. There are thousands of Indians dying everyday in Indian jail itself. Many of them don't even have charges proved against them. And here we have the govt giving a proven terrorist like Sarabjit a state funeral. Is this what we portray to the outside world? We kill our own people in our own jails without even proving charges against them, but give state funerals to dreaded terrorists lodged in foreign jails! Long live Indian democracy!
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Sir I certainly dont agree with you because the fact is that he was framed and was not a terrorist, he spent more than 20-years in jail for a crime that he had not done. As far as state funeral is concerned that is not going to lessen any kind of problems faced by him. These are all political stunts which are done for political benefits.
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