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Failed love's comment on 'Your life was about partying and women, mine was you and my work': Read Jiah's full letter

The above letter is a lesson for all those who love their respective partners more than what they deserve. One should never love anyone so much that your happiness depends on someone else's happiness. If that is the case, you will be taken for a ride. Love is something so divine, which can never be one-sided. Jia, you fell in love with the wrong person, would it not have been wise if you could have moved on with your life and find another perfect partner. In this world, there is no dearth of good and bad people, but it is what choices you make at a given time. You deserved a new life, if not another love. On a personal front, I may also have gone through the same phase like Jia, but thank god, I did not take any such action, for there were other people in my life who cared and loved me in an unconditional manner, even if I may have not.
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