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Satbir Singh Bedi's comment on On Father's Day, men's rights activists demand shared parenting

But whether one likes it or not, it is only the mother of the child who can tell for certainty who the father of the child is? If a man does not have trust in his wife, then how can he be sure whether he indeed has fathered the child. The first requisite of a successful marriage is, therefore, mutual trust between husband and wife. It that does not exist then let the children go with the mother because without trust, one cannot be sure whether one has indeed fathered these children.
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Satbir Singh Bedi, I can accept your logic. In such a case, why should a man pay child support to a child, if he has no rights on the child after separation and divorce? Why should such a child ask for ancestral property of father? Let the woman keep the child. You are more interested in mischief wih your bigoted views rather than being interested in creating a better society.
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Sir.. When the father has trust its is his own child, then they have some other marital tiff, the children are alienated from the father and the wife biased Indian Judiciary separates the children from their own father, leading to Parental Alienation Syndrome. Its not intelligent to say that child needs only mother as its proven scientifically that children need both parents.
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